About Us

What Do We Want From Clothes?
(And Where Do We Get It?)

Magic Togs is a small online company. We seek out, commission or create quirky stuff for our customers that can be hard to find elsewhere. We stock kids' and adults' clothes and accessories that meet certain requirements: 

What do we want?
When do we want them?


We want clothes and accessories to do their job. Otherwise what is the point? Life is too short. Let them accompany us on life's journey, enhancing it not hindering it.

When we say not hindering, we mean not hindering breastfeeding either. Those of us who breastfeed want to be able to do it at the drop of a hat, as we need to, without getting completely undressed or enduring a clothes tourniquet, and to do it in normal clothes. It's not too much too to ask is it? No.

The clothes we buy for our kids need to facilitate them getting up to their usual tricks too, or new ones they just thought up, because life's an adventure, not a fashion parade. It might even be a very cool, stylish, gorgeous adventure, but don't cramp our kids' style. They're just perfect as they are.

We do not want to 'hand wash separately' or 'dry clean only' either. Who has time? Why spend it on that? Low maintenance is what we want. We're not savages, we can be a bit careful with them, maybe wash them on a low temperature with things that won't get dyed if they're brightly coloured, but that's about the limit.

Functional means no ironing too! To our mind, if it's stretchy cotton and we smooth it out when we hang it up to dry, that's job done.

We want clever little design touches too please, things that put the fun into functionality, like a cute treasure pocket on the front of a dress:

...or a bobble on a purse that's fun to play with and helps little hands negotiate a zip:


We want comfort.  

This for us means a generous size, something along the lines of the sizing of M and S, Next or Mothercare.

It means a fit that feels nice and lets us and our kids move and relax. No digging in or restriction tolerated.

It means natural materials, preferably stretchy ones. No sweaty nylon thanks.


If we can have all this and a beautiful, colourful, quirky, fun thing to wear or use, then hallelujah! We are very happy campers.

We want cute animals and other fun motifs.

We want bright, vivid purples, blues, reds, yellows and greens.

We want lovely mixes of colours.

We want gorgeous patterns.

We want cool, interesting shapes and styles.

We want bohemian.

We want fun.

We want clothing therapy.

We want clothes that make us feel like we are on holiday!

We can't pay holiday prices though. It's got be affordable.

We want this for us, we want it for our girls, and - yes - we want it for our boys too.

We don't want the same old same old: pastel pink and grungy blue and grey are all well and good, but we don't want ALL our girls' clothes to be pink and ALL our boys' clothes to be dull blue. Get off our backs colour police! There's a whole rainbow out there waiting to be explored.

So give us function, give us comfort, give us beauty and while you're at it, throw in a bit of magic...

This is what we want from clothes, and it's what many of our friends want too.

If it's what you want too, then welcome aboard. We made this shop for you and we hope you like it. We will make it our business to design, produce and scour the globe for functional, comfortable, beautiful clothes and accessories for you (and you can be sure we'll be nicking a few for ourselves too). Stocks are usually limited. There may be only a few or even one of a certain thing, but if you bagsy it, it's yours!

Please do let us know what you want from clothes or what you think of ours. You could help us be the answer to your clothing prayers and those of others and, well, just join in the fun x

If you like the look of the items featured, they are from our Boho ranges. Check them out while stocks last, as they say. In our Artisan Corner, you will also find some interesting items of hand-crafted alternative clothing for men, women and kids.

Check out our Campaign Clothes for Lefties, Breastfeeding Zone and Kid and Baby Togs With Attitude too. You can browse our collections on the Home and Catalogue pages. Happy browsing and happy shopping and, customer or not,  may magic find you wherever you are x

Magic Togs