Children's Cotton Curve Lattice Boho Pinafores

Children's Cotton Curve Lattice Boho Pinafores

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One of two jersey cotton Nepalese pinafore designs in a range of colours and sizes.

Sublime boho style with lots of vivid and contrasting colours, loving detail and clever features and comfort. A beautiful but practical year-round staple that can be combined with t-shirts, long-sleeved tops, tights, leggings or none of the above, depending on the weather and...lets face it...the child's whims.

This one has a central applique curve lattice section and patterned sides with small uniform embroidered flowers and block colour patch detail at the neckline.

Like the other pinafore design this one has adjustable button straps that, along with the stretchy cotton fabric enable the dress to grow with the child.

Size estimates allow for a longer looser fit to start with and a shorter, more snug fit at the top end. Older kids could get two or more years out of these beauties.

There are only five, so if you love it, bagsie it quick :)